Elections 2023

Current Positions Up for Election

If interested in nominating yourself or a colleague for an open position email info@portland.iiba.org



  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors of the local Chapter
  • Ensure the Board adheres to its bylaws and constitution
  • Prepare the Board’s agenda with input from the Board Members
  • Chair Board meetings
  • Encourages Board Members to participate in meetings and activities
  • Keeps the Board’s discussion on topic by summarizing issues
  • Keeps the Board’s activities focused on the organization’s mission
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the Board’s decision making process
  • Appoints committee chairpersons
  • Orients Board Members and committee chairpersons to the Board
  • Serve as ex officio member of committees and attends their meetings as required
  • Ensure there is a process to evaluate the effectiveness of Board Members using measurable criteria
  • Recognize Board Members’ contributions to the Board’s work
  • Acts as one of the signing officers for disbursements cheques and other official documents
  • Play a leading role in supporting special events
  • Promote the organization’s purpose in the community and to the media
  • Prepare a report for the Annual General Meeting
  • Ensure programs and services are implemented
  • Ensure that the Board governs as well as manages programs and services

Vice President of Marketing and Communications


  • Act in the absence of the President
  • Learn duties of the President and keep informed on key issues
  • Orients the new Vice President
  • Sends all Chapter wide communications or provides instructions to other board members to send communications
  • Sends Chapter meeting invitations.
  • Updates and maintains Chapter website
  • Responds to all emails sent to Info@portland.iiba.org
  • Chair a Programs committee (if one exists)
    • Develop, update and incorporate recommended changes from the Board to the terms of reference and mandate of the committee
    • Recruit an appropriate number of committee members to carry out the mandate
    • Orient members to the committee’s mandate and position in the organization
    • Call committee meetings and develop agendas with the input of the members
    • Chair committee meetings and report the committee’s progress to the Board
    • Encourage members to participate
    • Keep discussion on topic by summarizing issues
    • Guide the committee through its meetings to fulfill the committee’s purpose
    • Recognize each member’s contribution to the committee’s work
    • Delegate appropriate tasks to individual committee members
    • Submit recommendations to the Board for approval
    • Plan and evaluate the committee’s work with the help of the members
    • Ensure meeting minutes and other relevant information are recorded and filed .



  • Serve on the Board
  • Give regular reports to the Board on the financial state of the organization
  • Keep financial reports on file
  • Orient the new Treasurer
  • Act as signing officer with the President for cheques and other documents
  • Manage the day-to-day financial affairs of the Board
  • Manage the accounting of the funds of the organization, its budget and expenditures
  • Keep full and accurate accounts of all organizational receipts and disbursements
  • Receive and bank all monies due to the organization
  • Disburse all monies as directed by the Board
  • File necessary financial reports, tax reports and audits
  • Ensure compliance with local and corporate fiduciary responsibilities

Current Candidates

Click on the links below to learn more about the candidates for each position.

Jennifer Colburn

Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Stacy Urban

Tim Roby